Long time no post

My blatant absence on the site of fawn and Joey is entirely a result of my returning to work after my 18 month (yes, 18 month) maternity leave. I cannot believe it is over. It’s not that it went fast, u tried to experience each day, but it’s more that I can’t believe that part of S’s childhood is behind me. It is unreal the metamorphosis that a first time mom goes thru. Truly, I am not the same person. No other life experience has grown me like this one. It’s hard work- the hardest work- but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Like so many, I am so thankful this thanksgiving, for the beautiful little girl I am lucky enough to call my daughter.

Although I’ve been busy getting into a new routine with a demanding job and a little one at home, I still managed to carve out some time to make this lovely little top from shwin and Shwin. And it fits. Perfect.




Peplum- style

I love love love this BBC vest pattern from ShwinDesigns! My daughter is suddenly a toddler and now can wear some seriously stylish things. Thanks to shwin and shwin, a super cute denim vest is one of them.  The racer back is irresistible.  I can’t wait for her to try it on.





Rainy day upcycled

Today’s nap time endeavour turned out pretty well. It was supposed to be a dress with a paperbag style skirt but I had too much trouble with fiddly bias tape for the arms and gave up. It’s now just a skirt.

The patch of grey is from a top I got at the one of a kind show several years ago. It seemed like such a shame not to reuse this cool screen printed design. The pink part was a maternity shirt that just reminds me of being fat. And now it will remind me of the brilliant little girl the extra weight was for!



My Little Geranium

I’m super excited about two patterns I just picked up from Made By Rae.  I’m going to try the Geranium Dress and the Washi Dress.  First up: bring me the geranium.  My printer is broken (by broken i mean I don’t have one) so I had to scale the pattern on my mac so i could trace it directly from the screen…. In theory, this should work.  The very definition of laziness?  Maybe.  As a result, I have decided to try the Geranium first, and to keep it simple by doing view A only (shirt vs. dress,  faux cap sleeve vs. flutter sleeve).  Washi will need to wait until I come up with a more reasonable method to reproduce the pattern.

I had no idea that there is such a cult following for this dress!  It’s like a huge contest to come up with the most variations of it possible. Sign me up!  I found this really pretty and super soft lavender, blue and green print at my local big box fabric store for 3$ a meter.  I was planning on making a pair of little pants for my daughter but decided it’s fate was in fact, the Geranium


Pieces cut.  You can’t see it well here but there is a sweet little notch cut into the neckline.  The pattern comes with a couple options here but I thought the notch mirrored the print best.


Now that i see the accent print against the main, I instantly regret not doing the flutter sleeve in the green.  Next time.  Now I have to find fabulous green buttons for the back.  I hope it turns out well – it looks so sweet and I think Scarlett will look precious in it.  I’m already thinking ahead to the half dozen variations i plan to do myself.  Stay tuned.