Sack o’ spuds

I’d love to claim this as an original idea but alas, it isn’t. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with S’s Halloween costume. I’m undecided if additional taters are required. In case it isn’t obvious, the brown thing is a cap for her noggin.
It cost me about $12- and, as usual, the greatest part is : it fits:)




Long time no post

My blatant absence on the site of fawn and Joey is entirely a result of my returning to work after my 18 month (yes, 18 month) maternity leave. I cannot believe it is over. It’s not that it went fast, u tried to experience each day, but it’s more that I can’t believe that part of S’s childhood is behind me. It is unreal the metamorphosis that a first time mom goes thru. Truly, I am not the same person. No other life experience has grown me like this one. It’s hard work- the hardest work- but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Like so many, I am so thankful this thanksgiving, for the beautiful little girl I am lucky enough to call my daughter.

Although I’ve been busy getting into a new routine with a demanding job and a little one at home, I still managed to carve out some time to make this lovely little top from shwin and Shwin. And it fits. Perfect.



F is for Felicity

Friends of ours just welcomed their first child- a sweet little thing they named Felicity.  Other than Kerri Russell, I cannot think of any one else I know with that name.  So precious.  Felicity’s parents didn’t want to know ahead of time if she would be a boy or girl so I chose the fail-safe green for her welcome to the world quilt.  I have to say that I am not a fan of making gender neutral baby things because I typically don’t like soft green or pale yellow much.  As a nurse, these colors just remind me of hospital rooms.  That said, I found a great compromise with this animal print and a contrasting bold backing which I picked up with a feature “Plus” in the middle of the quilt front.   I have an unnatural affection for zig zags/chevrons and have been dying to work them into something which made this quick little project a delight.  At the end I decided to quilt the accent squares in a zig zag pattern which looks great up close and has a great texture to the touch.  Not sure if the photos will do it justice though.


By the time I actually finished it, Felicity had been born so I added an “F” to the back for a bit of personalized interest.



Hope she likes it – I think I do:)

All Bound and Ready for Baby

Raging success- will totally use this pattern again.  Here’s the finished Houndstooth!

I almost like it too much to give away

I almost like it too much to give away


Back side folded over

Back side folded over

I decided NOT to pre-wash my fabric this time so now I have to see how it washes up.  I had a hard time deciding what pattern to quilt it with so i chose big squares and a few diagonals.  This worked out nice given my fabric shifting basting problems described earlier.

a temporary accent to my new porch furn


If I were to keep it (which I’m not) I think it would look awesome draped over my Mother’s Day present!  We just won’t tell the baby it’s for that it almost didn’t make it to him:)


Houndstooth happy

The houndstooth is going so well I had to do an update on it. Do u ever make something and sit back thinking: ” I cannot believe how great this is looking!”?
I’ve finished the front and now I’m onto the backing. I usually try to add an interesting detail on the back of my quilts (leaving it plain feels like I forgot to finish it or didn’t have time to sex it up). This part is always fun to me because I usually work in stuff that just comes to me and that has nothing really to do with the front aside from colours.

Guess we’ll have to see what my brain squeezes out this time!


Houndsteeth and Green Apples


So pretty much like I thought, making a houndstooth quilt is sort of a lot of work. Hmm. Should definitely have picked up that new rotary cuter blade before I started…

Well, this is the beginning of the baby quilt I mentioned in an earlier post. My friend’s baby’s room will be navy and white with green apple accents. I went to my local big box fabric store and felt enraged to discover they had no 100% quilting weight navy fabric. How is that possible? Just another reason to pay a little more at a specialty shop. After an hour of searching for an acceptable alternative, I landed on linen. Seemed a bit risky at the time since I’ve never made a quilt with linen before. I have images of my hard work after one wash, turning into a swatch of cloth the perfect size for a doll house. I took the plunge anyway and I’m sooo happy I chose it now – the feel of linen is so organic. I’m excited to hear how it wears over time. I hope it wraps the little guy in softness for years.

The actual piecing has been a snap so far and you can see from these pics how it is coming together.


I found this adorable green print for the binding and backing that I think fits the description for “green apple”- AND it has dinosaurs in it.  Perfect.


And now onto the pressing of seams and assembling of blocks.  That’s tomorrow’s job – it’s really beautiful outside today and we’re off to the park to finally catch the blooming of the Cherry Blossom trees on film.