Good to the Last Scrap

I have been a bit quiet lately but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been sewing like a bandit.  I finished the baby quilt for Felicity, whipped up this fun little linen skirt (with pockets that are lined with stripes – making me happy just knowing they are there even if you can’t see them).

Peek -a -boo striped pocket lining

Peek -a -boo striped pocket lining

Soft cotton-linen blend (a left over from the baby houndstooth quilt)

Soft cotton-linen blend (a left over from the baby houndstooth quilt)

Finally found a use for these snazzy blue buttons I've been saving for years

Finally found a use for these snazzy blue buttons I’ve been saving for years

Seams are hidden with a strip of left over dinosaur print binding tape

Seams are hidden with a strip of left over dinosaur print binding tape

I also finished the Geranium shirt for Scarlett (turns out she won’t be able to wear it for another month or so).  Pictures of that later.

Now I’m onto another throw-sized quilt (for a room to be determined later).  This last project sort of crept up on me.  I have been planning on starting the king-sized houndstooth but I haven’t been able to decide on the colors yet.  Feeling the urge to get going on something, I took a look into the ever-expanding pile of scraps and it came together.  I was inspired by the fabulous book “Sunday Morning Quilts” by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  I’ve made a number of quilts from this book and thought i’d try using up some fabric strips I’ve been stock-piling.  Thing was, the more I pieced, the more I realized I didn’t actually have enough just scraps to make the damn thing with.  So, I ended up cutting some special fabrics I’ve been holding onto.  In the end I think the pop of those prints is going to make me like the quilt even more.  Sometimes things made from just scraps feels like a project made of second -rate left overs. This time it won’t.

I just began piecing and realized it was becoming a bit too loud to be a quilt for our bedroom, but perfect as a throw for the basement , and perfect for our cottage (once we buy one:)).

Strip by strip…

A couple rows in and this is how it's coming together.

Toes not included

I just began piecing and realized it was becoming a bit too loud to be a quilt for our bedroom, but perfect as a throw for the basement , and perfect for our cottage (once we finally buy one.  Given the intensity of the front, I’m thinking the quilt backing will need to be a bit more serene.  Thoughts on what color I should make the binding?




F is for Felicity

Friends of ours just welcomed their first child- a sweet little thing they named Felicity.  Other than Kerri Russell, I cannot think of any one else I know with that name.  So precious.  Felicity’s parents didn’t want to know ahead of time if she would be a boy or girl so I chose the fail-safe green for her welcome to the world quilt.  I have to say that I am not a fan of making gender neutral baby things because I typically don’t like soft green or pale yellow much.  As a nurse, these colors just remind me of hospital rooms.  That said, I found a great compromise with this animal print and a contrasting bold backing which I picked up with a feature “Plus” in the middle of the quilt front.   I have an unnatural affection for zig zags/chevrons and have been dying to work them into something which made this quick little project a delight.  At the end I decided to quilt the accent squares in a zig zag pattern which looks great up close and has a great texture to the touch.  Not sure if the photos will do it justice though.


By the time I actually finished it, Felicity had been born so I added an “F” to the back for a bit of personalized interest.



Hope she likes it – I think I do:)

My Little Geranium

I’m super excited about two patterns I just picked up from Made By Rae.  I’m going to try the Geranium Dress and the Washi Dress.  First up: bring me the geranium.  My printer is broken (by broken i mean I don’t have one) so I had to scale the pattern on my mac so i could trace it directly from the screen…. In theory, this should work.  The very definition of laziness?  Maybe.  As a result, I have decided to try the Geranium first, and to keep it simple by doing view A only (shirt vs. dress,  faux cap sleeve vs. flutter sleeve).  Washi will need to wait until I come up with a more reasonable method to reproduce the pattern.

I had no idea that there is such a cult following for this dress!  It’s like a huge contest to come up with the most variations of it possible. Sign me up!  I found this really pretty and super soft lavender, blue and green print at my local big box fabric store for 3$ a meter.  I was planning on making a pair of little pants for my daughter but decided it’s fate was in fact, the Geranium


Pieces cut.  You can’t see it well here but there is a sweet little notch cut into the neckline.  The pattern comes with a couple options here but I thought the notch mirrored the print best.


Now that i see the accent print against the main, I instantly regret not doing the flutter sleeve in the green.  Next time.  Now I have to find fabulous green buttons for the back.  I hope it turns out well – it looks so sweet and I think Scarlett will look precious in it.  I’m already thinking ahead to the half dozen variations i plan to do myself.  Stay tuned.

Quilter’s Block

Enter now into the creative void.  I’m stuck.  I think it is because the weather has turned so amazing that I no longer want to spend hours in my basement like fungi, sewing.  I’m in between projects and feel a little uninspired creatively and more inspired physically.  I’ve had my bike out lots and have started to prepare for my next running race (the Toronto 10 Miler).  I’m a bit excited about my fitness level this season.  I feel really strong after the marathon in both running and oddly enough, cycling too.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can crank out this race season.

Perhaps what I need is to buy some new fabric … ?  I should be using this great weather as a push to make myself some new summer threads since I apparently have NOTHING worth donning in my closet.  What in the hell did I wear last summer?  Every year it’s the same question isn’t it?  Although last summer I had a new born and the summer before I was pregnant so I’m thinking I wasn’t the picture of style two years running.  Maybe some new fabric could help with that.  Visions of pretty skirts and tops are taking shape….   hmm…. maybe there’s some inspiration there afterall.

All Bound and Ready for Baby

Raging success- will totally use this pattern again.  Here’s the finished Houndstooth!

I almost like it too much to give away

I almost like it too much to give away


Back side folded over

Back side folded over

I decided NOT to pre-wash my fabric this time so now I have to see how it washes up.  I had a hard time deciding what pattern to quilt it with so i chose big squares and a few diagonals.  This worked out nice given my fabric shifting basting problems described earlier.

a temporary accent to my new porch furn


If I were to keep it (which I’m not) I think it would look awesome draped over my Mother’s Day present!  We just won’t tell the baby it’s for that it almost didn’t make it to him:)


Houndstooth happy

The houndstooth is going so well I had to do an update on it. Do u ever make something and sit back thinking: ” I cannot believe how great this is looking!”?
I’ve finished the front and now I’m onto the backing. I usually try to add an interesting detail on the back of my quilts (leaving it plain feels like I forgot to finish it or didn’t have time to sex it up). This part is always fun to me because I usually work in stuff that just comes to me and that has nothing really to do with the front aside from colours.

Guess we’ll have to see what my brain squeezes out this time!