On Clothing for Wee Ones

It took me by surprise, the making of clothing for children.  I figured it would be difficult, or restricted by outdated patterns but it’s actually pretty satisfying and there are lots of ways to make things on trend.  Not every item is a raging success of course. I admit, if I had to estimate the percentage of items made that didn’t fit as i hoped I certainly wouldn’t tell you about it here:).  Some things however, turn out fantastic and I can’t help but feel proud of what I have created.  For example, I’ve found myself making this little hooded jacket 3 times very successfully for my own daughter and at least twice for other kids.  It’s so sweet and the pattern (Baby in the Hood Jacket) in Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade Beginnings is ridiculously easy.

number 1

size 0-3 months

Anna Maria Horner's "Baby in the Hood" jacket  (for the third time- can't seem to get enough of this pattern)

size 6 months

I’ve also discovered the fabulous world of upcycling.  It’s virtually risk free.  You’ve already spent the money on the item and either 1) never wear it now and probably never did, or 2) loved it but had to retire it for some reason.  AND It feels great to rip apart something you or some one in your family never wears and turn it into a dress or whatever!  Or in the case of my most recent conversion, I gave new life to my beloved, over priced-worn thru the butt- I really should never wear these in public anymore- jeans- pictured below.  I’m not so sure 7 for all Mankind would agree with my approach but I’m pretty much good with that.  It does make me laugh to see people’s reactions to my daughter wearing these- like I spent 200$ on jeans for a 1 year old.

IMG_2343toddler jeanstoddler jeans - frontIMG_2576


Here are some of the other things I’ve been creating over the last year:

20130809-150519.jpg  20130821-143823.jpg   Kimono PJs   IMG_3197  IMG_3574  IMG_3172

long cold days produce short cool dress


Thanks to Shwin & Shwin, I've now found a new jacket to make over and over... and over

Peek -a -boo striped pocket lining


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