Sack o’ spuds

I’d love to claim this as an original idea but alas, it isn’t. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with S’s Halloween costume. I’m undecided if additional taters are required. In case it isn’t obvious, the brown thing is a cap for her noggin.
It cost me about $12- and, as usual, the greatest part is : it fits:)




Here we go Again!

When I started this blog I thought I would be focusing all my content on sewing/quilting/creating things.  As I’ve navigated my way thru this far, I realise that I can’t limit my creative energy to only “material things”.  A huge part of who I am is linked to endurance sport.  Until I started this, it hadn’t occurred to me how many comparisons and metaphors there are between the two things.  For example, when you make a 5 month commitment to training for a marathon, it’s not hard to see how you could take on the making of a king-sized houndstooth quilt.  The devil is in the details really – every day you accomplish a little bit and then at some point you look back and see your hard work all coming together. 

Having just finished the Mississauga Marathon, I’m doing some reflecting on the experience and thinking ahead to my next goal.  Maybe I’m never satisfied…. entirely possible. Any how, I planned on finally beating 4 hrs and for the 3rd time, the mark eludes me.  I’m slowly chiseling away at my time (literally minutes at a time) but still wind up short (or too long as it is) of my goal.  I could come up with a number of “reasons” for why I didn’t make the cut: i was on antibiotics for a sinus infection, I had a sick baby keeping me up the week before, I tapered too soon, I should have run more – all true but in the end it just doesn’t matter.  I didn’t do it and the goal is still hanging over me.  So what am I going to do about it?

Move on to the next one.  I’m considering the Toronto Waterfront Marathon again.  I ran it several years ago (my first) and have done the half there twice.  I am familiar with the course and it literally goes thru my neighbourhood.  The real question is: do I want to take on the huge training again?  Intellectually I do but i am afraid a month or so in that i will get bored of it.  The reason I became interested in triathlon was exactly that.  How could you get bored of 3 sports?   I’m also considering another cycling event.  I feel lost if i don’t have a significant goal to work towards so whatever I choose has to be of substantial difficulty to me.  

I’m thinking I’ll get back in the pool and hit the road on my favorite ride and see what grabs me.  I have my sights on a sprint tri in August (it’s actually 1k/33k/7k) so that feels like enough of a challenge at this point considering I haven’t done one in 3 years.  After that there is a local 10 miler Ive been wanting to give a shot.  It’s a perfect tune up race for the marathon should i choose to go ahead with it.  Meanwhile, marathon training will start june 17 so that gives me some time to see how I’m feeling about doing another or perhaps a long course cycling event.    Oh and I have to return to work from mat leave in september so I guess I shouldn’t pick a race for the fall that’s going to kill me.

What a shame to have so many options…. life is good:))


Storyboek Blouse

 I don’t fancy the word “blouse” very much.  There are a number of others in the English language that also give me that sickly feeling when I say them (I’d list them but then I’d feel gross).  I do however fancy this blouse that i made for my daughter.  I took an existing top that i love on her and recreated the pattern.  I’m definitely getting better at doing this- figuring out some tricks and avoiding some mistakes I would have previously made due to my notorious hastiness.     Image  

The original was lined and probably was made from a voile rather than standard cotton which is why mine although lined, doesn’t drape quite as nicely.  The print itself is precious and very spring- appropriate (one of the sweet prints from Birch Organic Fabric’s Storyboek line).  It ended up a bit shorter than intended and a little fuller than I wanted but I think it looks great just the same.   AND it fits!  Arguably the most important point…




Getting Started

I like things simple and beautiful.  I love colour and texture.  I love the feel of washed and dried cotton that has shrunk just a little bit, making quilts feel wonderful.  I admire the powerful motor of my little sewing machine.  I’m not afraid to take on a big project (or 3 ) while sitting in front of it.  I know when I’ve produced a finished product I should be proud of.  And I definitely find it difficult to accept a compliment.

It is perhaps this last point that has led me to start this blog.   I needed a place to showcase all of the work that I’ve done- the good, the bad, and the “wow-that-is-never-going-to-fit” work.   I need this space not for other people ( although I welcome feedback and comments of course!) but for myself.  I’ve always been an over-achiever and rarely take time to reflect back on all that I accomplish-and when I do, I usually find myself down-playing its significance.

Using this blog, I will document the work I do ( primarily for my little shop named Fawn and Joey), and try to celebrate all the richness these finished products bring to my life.