Sack o’ spuds

I’d love to claim this as an original idea but alas, it isn’t. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with S’s Halloween costume. I’m undecided if additional taters are required. In case it isn’t obvious, the brown thing is a cap for her noggin.
It cost me about $12- and, as usual, the greatest part is : it fits:)




A Seat for Scarlett & a Seat for Sia

Wow I’ve fallen off the wagon! I see I haven’t posted in almost a month! We went to a cottage for a week and It shook up my routine. Anyhow, I have made a few things – namely these sweet little floor cushions for little bums. I used the great tutorial found at . I picked the fabric from my new favourite source: spoonflower. OMG if u haven’t considered fabric from there you are seriously depriving yourself.

The only thing left to decide is how many more to make.




F is for Felicity

Friends of ours just welcomed their first child- a sweet little thing they named Felicity.  Other than Kerri Russell, I cannot think of any one else I know with that name.  So precious.  Felicity’s parents didn’t want to know ahead of time if she would be a boy or girl so I chose the fail-safe green for her welcome to the world quilt.  I have to say that I am not a fan of making gender neutral baby things because I typically don’t like soft green or pale yellow much.  As a nurse, these colors just remind me of hospital rooms.  That said, I found a great compromise with this animal print and a contrasting bold backing which I picked up with a feature “Plus” in the middle of the quilt front.   I have an unnatural affection for zig zags/chevrons and have been dying to work them into something which made this quick little project a delight.  At the end I decided to quilt the accent squares in a zig zag pattern which looks great up close and has a great texture to the touch.  Not sure if the photos will do it justice though.


By the time I actually finished it, Felicity had been born so I added an “F” to the back for a bit of personalized interest.



Hope she likes it – I think I do:)

All Bound and Ready for Baby

Raging success- will totally use this pattern again.  Here’s the finished Houndstooth!

I almost like it too much to give away

I almost like it too much to give away


Back side folded over

Back side folded over

I decided NOT to pre-wash my fabric this time so now I have to see how it washes up.  I had a hard time deciding what pattern to quilt it with so i chose big squares and a few diagonals.  This worked out nice given my fabric shifting basting problems described earlier.

a temporary accent to my new porch furn


If I were to keep it (which I’m not) I think it would look awesome draped over my Mother’s Day present!  We just won’t tell the baby it’s for that it almost didn’t make it to him:)