Quilting in August

Quilting in August

I totally forgot to photograph this quilt I made for my mom’s birthday last August. While we were visiting this weekend I used the chance to get Mom to model it for me:). I am presently wallowing in melancholay as my maternity leave comes to an end in a couple weeks, and I was thinking of all the quilts I made in the last year.  I counted at least 10!  I sense a major drop in productivity about to occur!  I may not have saved any lives or published any articles while I’ve been away from the hospital but in addition to having the most precious little girl, I’ve created quite the arsenal of handmade things.  I’ve made countless skirts/dresses/tops, seats, bags, toys and felt inspired nearly every day.  AND Between all of that I managed to run two 5 k races, a half marathon, a full marathon, and do a 50k bike race.  My husband and dog are also pretty happy so I guess I managed to do ok!  Now let’s see what happens when I return to work….. arghhh.  Work -life balance is about to take on a whole new level.


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