15 degrees and sunny


Things have been a little quiet at Fawn and Joey while we have been busy celebrating my daughter’s first birthday (fabulous), winding down marathon training (just 12 days to go) and getting over super nasty colds (the “worst cold of my life” kind of nasty). Today however, is not nasty- it’s a beautiful day- 15 degrees and sunny. We head to the High Park Zoo for some yak viewing.  Turns out to be a great way to spend an hour or two.  Scarlett is almost out of her Baby in the Hood jacket.  I guess I’ll have to start working on the fall version soon.

Now that recent chaos is behind me,  onto the next project: “Navy blue, white and green apple”.  One of my best friends is having her second child in June- a boy.  Perfect excuse to start another quilt.  I’m in love (not so secretly) with navy and white and accent colors for boys.  So I’m going to make a crib- sized houndstooth in navy/white/green apple to match the baby’s room.  What is selfishly great about this is it’s a perfect way to try a new pattern before I commit to the king-sized one for our bed.

Giddy up!



To label or not to label …

Wow. I have just discovered there is a whole “label your quilts” movement that I knew nothing about. Another example of a problem I didn’t know that I had until I read about it on the Internet. I fear it may be bordering on unnecessary nerdiness but … I think I may need to create some of these little numbers. There needs to be a way to put your stamp on a finished project doesn’t there? The trick is obviously to do it in a way that doesn’t look like a child wrote it. Gotta think about this one…

Can You Say Kimono, Baby?

Kimono PJs

I love this pattern from Amy Butler‘s “Little Stitches for Little Ones”.  Super cute.  I’m pretty sure it’s unique enough that you wouldn’t find anything like this in stores.  All the finished products from this book always turns out great actually.  If you are the kind of person who needs a high level of detail when you are following a pattern- this is definitely the book for you.  Sometimes it’s distractingly detailed- like a whole paragraph on creating a hem… makes you think you must have missed something so you re-read it again and again.  Nope- just making a hem.  However, having never written instructions for patterns myself, I can only imagine how difficult it is to put these kinds of things into words.

I found the style a bit impractical for PJs though.  I can just see Scarlett undoing herself in the night and playing with the ties instead of sleeping.  I decided to use a lightweight denim and make it a shirt instead.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I made the pants that go with it, minus the accent strips on the bottoms (a bit matchy matchy for daytime given the print I chose).  Apparently my daughter’s legs are long because the pattern for 9-12 mo was way too short.  Nothing a little extra improv can’t remedy when I get around to it.

The heart might tip the sweetness scale but I like it

The heart might tip the sweetness scale but I like it





First Race of 2013

We have lived in our neighbourhood for 5 years now and had never run this local event until today. It was the Harry’s Spring Run Off 8k and 5k race thru High Park . As a long distance runner, I’ve typically stayed away from shorter events thinking I wouldn’t do well given my lack of fast twitch fibres. This year my husband and I entered with our daughter in our Chariot CX and planned to make it a family thing rather than a race (the competitor in me struggled a bit with this approach).

Race-ready onesie

We laced up and lined up at the very back of the last corral where the other stroller pushers had been forced to wait too- some like us, more like horses chomping at the bit, just dying to get out with the pack. The gun went off and Scarlett started to squawk like an enthusiastic siren as we weaved thru the crowd blazing past every one we came up against. Running a race with a running stroller is a complete obstacle course- a life-threatening one at that! We hit every kilometer with ease and finished strong up the big hill to the finish line.

In the end we were the first stroller runners to finish- Scarlett was in first place! Although our pace was restricted by the slower runners ahead of us, I still finished 12th out of 151 women in my age group- a PB for sure!


When I looked at the times of the women who finished ahead of me, I realized had I been running with my pace matched corral I would have placed 4th or 5th in my age group based on my usual speed work pace!

So today I:
1. Set a new PB
2. Ran a new distance in a race
3. Competed for the first time with my husband and baby girl
4. Introduced my Daughter to the world of athletic competition

And this is why you should never under estimate the value of completing the smaller objectives- you just never know what you could crank out.

Cut, Quilt, Wash, Complete

Apparently I’m a quilting machine!  I was trying to count the number I’ve made since my mat leave began and I think I’m at 6 full quilts and countless baby throws.  I can’t stop. Today I finished the Plus Quilt I mentioned in the earlier post “Gutting a Fish”. (Shots taken while freezing ass off in backyard).



Turns out I do like the punch of red.


Princesses for my wee princess.



Now bring on the houndsteeth!!